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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2017 6:51pm-6:55pm EST

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committee, special agency, special missions for the president. he'll be a very busy man. and i would imagine it will center in chicago at the library. of course, they have a lovely home in chicago! well, for those year that is the obamas are in d.c., this is almost 100 years after wilson and the taft experience. in today's 24-hour news cycle environment, do you think he'll allow, be allowed to just be a quiet former president or do you think that he'll be drawn into some of the political debates that are happening? >> it will be better, it will be less so than the white house i think and he can pick and choose what he wants to do. the white house, he has political reasons he has to sometimes encounter, but he may not have that so much. and he'll have time, but still, time will be precious. relaxing time will be very
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precious for president obama. and mrs. obama, too. they're both popular public figures. people listen to what they say and he's going to just discard that. >> weal end we'll end tlit. thank you so much for speaking with us. >> thank you, john. >> you're watching american history tv on cspan 3. our cspan bus travels to local schools, colleges and universities in communities across the country. recently, our bus stopped in hampton, virginia, visiting students at hampton high school. here's a video of students made about our visit. >> it's frit hard to miss a cspan bus u outside hampton high school cspan's bus goes around our nation speaking to high school student, colleges and universities and also speaking at political gatherings. >> what does cspan stand for?
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>> cable satellite public affairs network. >> awesome. >> it was really informative and the way they laid it out was very awesome. >> we reach out through e-mail antd through 11th and 12th grade social studies classes. they applied and wrote about what this ek appearance would mean to them. others in terms of their interest in media and others just in response about how the recent campaign of 2016 occurred and how cspan was a part of that effort. >> if the students of hampton high school have never heard about cspan, with we want them to be able to come on the bus and learn all there is to know. we were created by the cable industry as a public service to the community, so our goal is educational and community outreach. and if they come on, they can learn about cspan, ways they can use that in the classroom as a
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resource. opportunity, internships or student cam competition. we just want them to be involved and get their voices heard and not be afraid to learn more about their government, what's happening and how they can make a difference. >> they go across the nation with this bus, so we're excited they're going to be an interactive experience for the ki k ids to see what goes on. >> my experience having the opportunity to sit in the same seats as ben carson, bernie sanders and learn that more i have another source for more political research. >> if i need any political advice and i need any information on issues that i can go to a nonpartisan site and it will tell me everything i need to know. >> approximately 150 students had the opportunity to tour the bus today. they learned information they can use in the classroom and at home.


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